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Opportunities for W.U. members across the globe. Guided hunts in CA, fishing trips and more. Or world-wide trips (hunting, fishing and vacation) through our travel affiliate, Urge2Hunt.

Santa Margarita Lake Ranch Hunts

Ever wanted to go on a guided hunt but didnt' know where to start?

These hunts are east of the W.U. Rinconada Ranch on property that lies on the shores of Santa Margarita Lake, but can't allow unescorted accesss for several reasons. Thus, W.U. supports guided hunts that allow members who could use help in a particular activity. The landowner is actually the guide. These hunt included deer, pig, turkey, and duck/quail combo hunts. All have been well received and extremely successful.

The approximately 1000-acre ranch is typical of central coast terrain consisting of open hillsides, oak trees and brushy draws.

The owner of the ranch works the ranch 'most everyday and knows where the game are.

Last year's turkey, wild boar and deer hunts all had 100% success! Book one of these “mentored” hunts at our special W.U. prices, (lower than most guided hunts), and you won't be disappointed!

Hunters can camp at W.U.'s Rinconada or stay in town, (accommodations are not included in the price), but not on the Santa Margarita Lake Ranch. Special arrangements can be made for disabled hunters.

Pig Hunts:

$450 per person (2 hunters required) for anytime in the coming months. Limited hunts available.

Blacktail Deer Hunt:

$1,400 There should be at least one deer hunt available this year. Please call the Wilderness Unlimited Office for furhter details.

For All Hunts: