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Camping, the WU Way

Most all Wilderness Unlimited hunting and fishing properties allow for camping privileges. Camping WU style means, the way camping used to be: “if you don’t bring it, it probably isn’t there.”

As a generality, Wilderness Unlimited properties are “undeveloped”. WU staff tries to pick suitable family camping locations that: are easy to get to, are relatively flat, have available shade and are as aesthetically pleasing as possible without compromising the landowner’s privacy or resources (wildlife). There are no chain link fences with numbered spots where you pay for the day and open the door only to hit the neighbor! In fact, the only “improvements” most often added by WU are: an outhouse, for obvious reasons and in many areas, wooden picnic tables.

Because Wilderness Unlimited properties are pristine, refuse facilities (garbage cans or dumpsters) are NOT provided. WU lives by the rule, “you bring it in, you take it with you”.

Members avail themselves in the camping areas to fit their own means. “Self contained” all the way. Some have the comfy full size motorhomes, some sleep in tents or their vehicles, some just “roll out a bag”. There is always ample space between campers to attain the level of “wilderness” that one desires.

Landowners, WU Management and WU members all consider camp areas as one of the most highly regarded features of Wilderness Unlimited. Family camping allows for viewing the Milky Way, listening to the sounds of the night or having a camp fire, (where permitted), is all part of the outdoor experience. Just visualize a camp area where you set up camp, leave your two $600 fly rods leaning against a tree, go sightseeing off the property for the day and come back to find your whole camp set-up, just the way you left it.

For those who want more niceties, other options are available but on a more limited scale. Some ranches have running water, showers or even have cabin/lodges as part of the program (see "Lodging", at left) or there is always the stay at a nearby off-ranch accommodation or in town.