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Welcome to the World of Wilderness Unlimited

Founded in the 1980’s, Wilderness Unlimited of California and Oregon, more affectionately known as WU, has become known as the West’s premier hunting and fishing club. Wilderness Unlimited’s primary purpose is to access and manage private property and the wildlife available while providing recreational opportunities in a safe environment for its responsible membership.

Conservation Through Proper Utilization

Aldo Leopold, often referred to as the father of conservation, made the statement at the turn of the last century that wild game “stocks” would eventually be harbored on private property.

During the U.S. western expansion, the “settlers” settled on the best property; those with fertile ground and reliable water. Throw in years of development, public acquisitions and habitat degradation and one can see the challenges that wildlife populations as well as wildlife managers face.

With wild lands of California and Oregon disappearing at an alarming rate and other property rightfully being closed, Wu adopted a vision of “responsible access”. The Founders of WU recognized that private property and their landowners were the future. After all, who protects and safeguards their lands better? A business model was adopted and a professional management team assembled with educational and experience backgrounds in wildlife management, recreation, agriculture, marketing and business management. The concept of multi-use private hunting clubs or fishing clubs was not a new one but a true conservation oriented property owner focused organization was. The challenge was on. 

The Vision Realized

WU hung its shingle with just three hunting club ranches and no members in 1987 and by the end of the first year had grown to encompass 15 hunting club ranches and a modest membership to match. Over the years WU has grown to become the largest manager and provider of big game such as boar and deer, ducks and geese, upland birds and fishing on the west coast. In 2020, WU is managing over 50 different hunting club ranches and 1000’s of acres. The Club’s hunting property package and membership have to mimic each other in size for the program to work for all involved. 

Within the Ranch, Timber and Agriculture Communities, WU Is Known For Its Quality Membership and Management Plan.

WU reviews and plans each ranch’s activity on a regular basis. WU prefers long-term relationships with landowners. Management plans include hunting and fishing opportunities that may be more restrictive than the state or federal rules that the club members observe. WU also leads and plans habitat work and consults on agriculture so a fine balance beneficial to wildlife can be realized. Within the Club is an extensive patrol program and membership oversight network that insures wildlife and ranch feedback as well as a safe environment. 

The Club Can Be Only As Good As Its Membership.

None of this works, of course, without a high standard for club membership. WU has always required an interview and application process for membership. This is often misinterpreted to mean just highly experienced outdoor people need apply. Not true. WU is a haven for responsible outdoor types. The key word is responsible. No one person is an expert at every outdoor discipline.

WU wants to remain a haven for responsible outdoor people who recognize the bigger value of the outdoor experience as opposed to “filling the freezer”. Each member’s definition of success is different. There are those that seem to limit on everything year in and year out. On the other hand there are those that take “discerning” to a whole new level, rarely pulling the trigger. And there is a large family contingent of fishing and hunting club members who are more about sharing the traditions and outdoor heritage values with their loved ones. All help shape WU. 

Knowing that WU appeals to all kinds has required the Club to have a program in effect to make available outdoor resources to all levels of experience. WU has developed and led outdoor hunting and fishing seminars, hands on training and mentoring programs since the beginning. Outdoor enthusiasts who are seasoned at one aspect of the outdoors can have access to education classes or hands on how to programs to expand their horizons. WU feels it is its responsibility to provide its club membership access to learn and improve their outdoor skills and knowledge. These programs serve to endear WU itself to landowners even more. A screened membership, patrolled properties and WU’s extensive education programs have realized WU an unmatched safety record.

WU’s Future is Bright!

It all comes back to WU’s quality management, landowners and members. Today, WU’s management is led by many of the same group who had the dream along with a few notable additions. Many landowners have eclipsed thirty-year relationships testifying to WU’s program. There are many members who have been actively involved for thirty years or more as well. Over time, additions are made to all of the above. Keeping quality outdoor recreation in the forefront will assure our future.

Joe Sovinsky CEO, Geri Carder CFO