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Waterfowl Hunting

Wilderness Unlimited is the West's largest waterfowl operator with over 50 facilities offering a variety of waterfowl hunting opportunities. Oregon areas include ranches in the Columbia River region, Sauvie Island, Willamette Valley, Upper Klamath and more. California areas include all the prime locations including Colusa, Shasta, Sacramento, Los Banos, Imperial and Glenn with highly desirable properties like the Butte Sink.

WU members can pursue ducks and geese on a variety of management set ups to fit one's preference. Flooded fields with sunken blinds, many with decoys, dry fields with goose pits and decoys and open marsh hunting... build your own blind are all part of the program! Many properties offer 7 day per week availability.

Have the time to go duck hunting or prefer goose hunting? WU literally has it all!