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Huli Cat Fishing Charters 2016

For several years, WU has chartered the Huli Cat, a 55-foot vessel out of El Granada, skippered by WU member and Owner, Tom Mattusch, for special WU fishing trips. These trips with Tom have always been great. Charters are WU's way to organize a trip. Special attention is always given to new sea fishers and kids. Each charter lists the intended quarry at the time we set the dates. The key is to be flexible. If a different species of fish is "running" the emphasis of the charter may shift.

Salmon fishers with a beautiful haul on the Huli Cat

Rock Fish Charter

Sunday, July 3rd

$70 adult, $60 youth (under 18)

This trip has been planned for beginner ocean fishers and has focused on calmer waters. However, all aged anglers and abilities are welcome. Rockfish season opens June 1st. This trip is planned as a "potluck", targeting species of fish available at the itme. For the past several years, this trip has always been pleasing to all aboard.

Albacore Charter

Sunday, September 4th

$250 per angler

Captain Tom and the Huli Cat are historically one of the best tuna catchers. Albacore often come close to the Half Moon Bay coastline. The price of this trip is very reasonable. Note: if Albi's are a long ways out, an additional fuel surcharge may have to be added.

Wilderness Unlimited member humboldt squid success.Jenna Copeland's dungeness crab pull

Dungeness Crab and Humboldt Squid Combo Charter

Sunday, November 20th

$80 adult, $75 youth (under 18)

This trip has been hugely successful.The Huli Cat has been one of the pioneer charter boats for crab/fishing combo trips. Load up! Remember: Tom always takes care of members with a nice discount. Try your hand for Humboldt squid, rockfish, salmon, albacore, crabs.... and check out his website for more information: www.hulicat.com!