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Deer, Wild Boar, Elk and Bear Hunting Club

Wilderness Unlimited is the premier hunting and fishing club in California and Oregon. WU Hunting Club is also the west’s largest manager of deer, wild boar or pig, elk and bear habitats, offering over 50 ranches and over 300,000 acres. Opportunities include blacktail and mule deer hunting in both Oregon and California, elk hunting in Oregon and wild boar hunting, bear hunting and antelope hunting. Included are special opportunities for archery only, and for handgun areas. In fact, WU Hunting Club has several properties that hunt archery only even during the “general” rifle seasons.

Educational programs include hunter safety instruction, deer, wild pig, elk and bear hunting techniques and game care and processing seminars. A Big Game Hunting Clinic has been taught to WU Hunting Club members since the club’s inception. The clinic has expanded to a two-day affair covering virtually everything there is to know about deer, wild boar, elk and bear hunting. This clinic is now taught in partnership with the California Department of Fish and Game on WUHunting Club property and is available to the public.

Wilderness Unlimited hunting club properties offer deer, wild pig or boar and bear hunting opportunities in the key counties, including Humboldt, Mendocino, Trinity, Napa, Lake, Shasta, Monterey, Kern, Santa Clara, Fresno and San Benito counties.

Habitat enhancement programs, predator control, grain plantings and water development to name a few, are conducted on WUHunting ranches under the guidance of the WU