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The Wilderness Unlimited Game Bird Club

"Put and Take" Private Licensed Game Bird (Pheasant & Chuckar) Hunting Club, 1 mile east of Williams, CA. The pheasant hunting club fields are divided into three separate areas and are adjacent to the Wilderness Unlimited Sacramento Valley RV Camp.

Rules and Information

Reservations are encouraged (877) 611-4868. However, on site pheasant hunts can be arranged if space is available. Payment in full needs to be made at the time of reservation. The names of the hunters and guests need to be included in the reservation.

All hunters must check in at headquarters (located inside WU Clubhouse) one-half hour before heading out to their assigned field.

Pheasant Hunt Details:

Hunters have the entire three hour hunt period to hunt their assigned pheasant field. They can harvest up to the total number of pheasant released (not more). No carryover of un-harvested released pheasant.

All hunters must check out at headquarters upon leaving field. Pheasant must be checked out and have a seal affixed by authorized club personnel. Seals shall remain attached to the pheasant until they are finally prepared for consumption.

Authorized Shooters Need the Following:

WU Game Bird Club

— 6 pheasant or 10 chuckar minimum plant.

— Guests of WU members must be with the member who booked the shoot. A WU Guest Pass is not required.