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Wilderness Unlimited is the western United States’ largest private waters manager. WU provides its members quality private access to numerous rivers, creeks, lakes and ponds in California and Oregon. Opportunities exist for nearly all fresh water species and some salt water ones, as well.

Trout, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, panfish, catfish, steelhead and salmon are all on the freshwater menu. Special coastal access to rockfish and abalone also is available.

If you are a spin fisherman using lures or even bait, WU members feel right at home. Fresh trout or crappie dinners can be had.

If you are a fly fishing aficionado, numerous fly fishing-only opportunities exist. WU staff use 'catch and release zero limit', 'reduced bagged' limits and fly fishing to improve the overall quality of many fisheries.

Well known fly fishing areas include the White River and Williamson Rivers in Oregon and the Fall River and Upper Hat Creek in California.

Well known steelhead fisheries include the John Day, Coquille and Garcia Rivers.

Special projects include fish planting and stream and pond restoration projects.

WU is known for its heralded fly fishing schools, fly tying clinics and catch and release instruction. Introductory, advanced, woman’s and junior fly fishing schools occur annually. In fact, WU’s Introductory Fly Fishing school held at the Bidwell Ranch near Burney, CA since 1972, is the longest operating clinic held in the same location in the West.