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Kramer Ranch

Kramer is a new gem not far from one of Wilderness Unlimited's best outdoor regions. East of Burney, most of the facilities are recently constructed and are well crafted. This makes Kramer Bass Pond a more enjoyable place just to hang out. The solar light cabin sleeps eight comfortably. Next door you'll find an outdoor cook shed complete with gas griddle and a BBQ. There is a separate shower room and outhouse.

Inviting hammocks overlook the pond which is roughly 3/4 mile long and 1/4 mile wide, perfect for float tubes and pontoon boats. There is also a rowboat just waiting for your electric trolling motor. It's easy find, see W.U #208, and the roads are very well maintained with gravel and some asphalt.

W.U. has acquired the exclusive use of this rustic cabin April 1st - September 15th. Price: $75/nite, 2 nite minimum. Contact the Hayward Office for availability and bookings.