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10 Steps To Becoming A Successful Turkey Hunter
By Award-Winning Outdoor Writer Ed Migale
One of California's most experienced turkey hunters and an award-winning outdoor writer, Ed Migale, has written an informative new book on hunting wild turkeys in the spring season

"Ten Steps To Becoming A Successful Turkey Hunter" will show readers- whether experienced hunters or beginners - how they can achieve success in the spring woods by following Migale's step-by-step process.

Readers will receive tips, suggestions, and information on how to hunt America's most magnificent game bird based on Migale's 25-plus years of turkey hunting experience in 9 U.S. States as well as in Sonora, Mexico. An inductee in the California Outdoors Hall of Fame, Migale is one of the few hunters who have achieved turkey hunting's Royal Slam; the taking of all five subspecies of wild turkeys found in North America.

In his new book Migale shares his innovative approach to spring-time turkey hunting including how to strategically and safely move through the woods; choosing the right camouflage clothing with a discussion on the value of 3-D garments; how to find places to hunt and how to effectively scout them; the vital importance of correct set-up locations and patience in waiting out a gobbler; accessorizing shotguns specifically for turkey hunting; and non-toxic ammunition choices. Plus, as a custom turkey call maker, Migale reveals insights on call selection, calling techniques, and why calling is the catalyst that brings all aspects of the hunt together.

Bonus chapters include an "eleventh" step on archery hunting; trophy and meat care; a narrative on Migale's ten year quest to complete his Grand and Royal Slams; and a selection of recommended resources.

The full-color, self-published 136 page book is available directly from the author for $24.95 plus $7.25 for USPS Priority Mail shipping (California residents add $1.80 for state sales tax). To order signed copies contact Ed Migale at P.O. Box 7556, Chico, CA 95927 or via email at Emails must say "Turkey Book" in the subject line or risk being deleted.

"This book is a must read for both the veteran hunter and newcomer, alike."
- Terry Knight, Journalist and Outdoors Columnist for the Lake County Record-Bee